photo of St. Cecilia children placing books in their book ark

Kids + Books + Art

Last week we helped Camden County Pop Up Library (CCPUL) deliver empty “book ark” structures to Catholic Partnership Schools (CPS). Our grant to CCPUL is funding 10 new book arks along with 640 Spanish-language books to help fill them.

The wooden book arks are designed to showcase donated books, which community members can take free of charge and bring back when finished. CCPUL’s motto is “We take books where libraries don’t go and give them away.” 

Where do CPS children come in? They’re going to decorate some of the arks! 

Each CPS school is receiving a plain white book ark.  Teams of students will collaborate on a design for their ark and then realize their design on their wooden “canvas.” Watch our blog and Facebook page for photos of young artists at work!

Finally, the ark will be placed in the school’s neighborhood and stocked with an initial installment of books, including the Spanish books we enabled CCPUL to buy.

“People are generous with book donations,” said Tom Martin, CCPUL founder. “But we hardly ever receive books in Spanish, which are in high demand. So we’re grateful to Domenica Foundation for buying new Spanish-language books for children and adults.”

“Our CPS partners are excited about the opportunity to decorate and place book arks,” said Elena Piperno, Domenica Foundation director. “The children will be learning to contribute to their community even as they practice their teamwork skills and express their creativity.”

Furthermore, Elena went on to say, “The communities will benefit both from having free books to read and from having a beautiful work of child-generated art in their neighborhood.”

posed photo of children, school staff, Domenica Foundation director, and Camden County Pop-Up Library director
Students of St. Cecilia School in Pennsauken, NJ, with Sr. Alicia Perna, principal; Mrs. Rhea, art teacher;
Elena Piperno, Domenica Foundation director; and Tom Martin, Camden County Pop Up Library director.