photo of Gloucester Catholic scholarship students with Elena Piperno

Domenica Scholarship Class of 2023

We are so proud of the 22 Domenica Scholars who are graduating from four local Catholic high schools (including Gloucester Catholic students shown above)! Having supported their high school education for four years, we are thrilled to report on their accomplishments:

  • 100% on-time graduation rate (compared to the Camden public school average of 64%)
  • 3.6 average GPA–with 8 achieving 4.0 or better
  • Over $3.5 million in college scholarships and awards

We are especially proud that three Domenica Scholars were chosen from their entire class to receive the Camden County Best of Class award for community service: Scarlet Cabrera of Gloucester Catholic, Chiemeka Chukwueke of Camden Catholic, and Brianna Rodriguez of Paul VI. 

Of the 22 students: 

  • 21 are going on to higher education—including one who will enroll in ROTC to prepare for a military career. 
  • One is enlisting in the Marines, 
  • One is attending an Ivy League school, University of Pennsylvania.
  • One got a full ride to Drexel. 
  • Seven are attending Rowan University, by far the most popular choice.

Proposed majors run the gamut from molecular biology to political science, from mechanical engineering to nursing. Every one of our graduates is poised to achieve their goals, in part because their scholarship enabled them to receive a high-quality high school education.

Elena Piperno, foundation director, visited each class to say goodbye and give them Domenica Scholarship T-shirts. 

“I absolutely love this group of young people!” she said. “It has been amazing watching them grow into a compassionate, kind, respectful, and hard-working group of young men and women. It’s such a transformation from the shy group of ninth graders I met four years ago!” 

Elena said that this group is special because they have become a family over the years. Our efforts to bring our scholars together for college visits and fun outings have given us a chance to get to know them as individuals and as a group.

“Of course I told them how proud we are of them,” Elena said of her visits. Then she explained that they have a responsibility to stay connected with their schools and with Camden. By their example, they can inspire the next generation of students to be whatever they want to be—to see themselves as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and nurses.

“I told the kids they owe us nothing but to make their dreams come true,” Elena said. “Our scholarships are an investment in the students. The return on that investment is their futures.”

photo of three girls and one boy in cap and gown
Paul VI Domenica Scholars
photo of high school grads in Domenica Foundation T-shirts
Graduating students from Cristo Rey High School
Girls in white and boys in green caps and gowns
Camden Catholic HS Scholars