students standing in front of Rowan University map

College Bound!

Small-group tours were led by Rowan student ambassadors. We toured not only academic buildings but also the student center, the fitness center, and a dorm. Lunch in the cafeteria gave students another glimpse of campus life — and it was all you can eat, which they loved! To round out the picture of campus life, the students visited a nearby downtown area.

Domenica Scholars tour Rowan's athletic facility

For many students, the tour was the highlight of the trip. One student said, “I learned lots of new things about campus life and how classes work. I learned things like how college students swipe to get food and how access to pools and gyms work.”

Most students had never before set foot on a college campus. Most are also the first in their families to set their feet on a college-bound path. 

“College tours are a standard experience for affluent kids,” said Elena Piperno, Domenica Foundation director. “This tour gave our Domenica Scholars the same opportunity.

“Rowan showed them the whole college experience– not only academics but also clubs, the fitness center, the dorms. Now our scholarship recipients can really start to see themselves as college students. If they can see it, they can be it.”

When Elena asked where the students would like to go next, they responded enthusiastically: “Princeton! Stockton! Harvard!” We’re thinking of staying local and are looking for institutions of higher education that would be as welcoming as Rowan was. If you have a connection to share, please contact us.

Group shot of Domenica Scholars displaying their Rowan T-shirts