Catholic Partnership School child drawing

Looking Forward, Looking Back

We’re excited about new opportunities this spring that will bring books to communities with no libraries, arts instruction to Catholic Partnership Schools in Camden, and high school Domenica Scholars to the Rowan University campus.

Our partnership with Camden County Pop-Up Library is coming to fruition this spring with the opening of “book arks” in low-income communities. 

In March, five newly constructed book ark structures will be delivered to the five Catholic Partnership Schools (CPS). Children in those schools will decorate the wooden structures and help decide where to place them in their schools’ neighborhoods. 

With our support, the arks will be filled with books that community residents can take, enjoy, and return. 

Another project to benefit CPS students is arts residencies through our grantee Perkins Center for the Arts. Artists in residence will work with children in three CPS schools on arts programs, each of which will be tailored to that school and its population. Every program will culminate in a performance or showcase–which might be an art gallery, a poetry slam, a Bollywood-style dance, or any number of other arts events.

New this year will be arts residencies in CPS summer programming. Stay tuned for details! 

Finally, we’re looking forward to our first-ever college visit with Domenica Scholars. Recipients of our scholarships to Catholic high schools in Camden and Philadelphia are often the first in their families to attend college. Many have never been on a college campus. 

On March 26, we’ll take Domenica Scholars on a tour of Rowan University, where they will not only see what college is like but begin to envision themselves as college students. 

Our education partners have told us that this kind of support is vital for first-time college students. We also think it will be fun!

Watch this space for photos and updates on these spring projects!