“This Foundation was created in honor of Domenica Piperno whose total giving of herself has been characteristic of every aspect of her life. For her, everyone else always came first. She made certain that the needs of others, whether family, friends or strangers, were met first and foremost before her own. It is with this example of unselfish giving that the Domenica Foundation has been created. Established in 1991, the Foundation’s primary goal is to help those less fortunate improve their quality of life while always remembering their dignity. Although Domenica passed away in the spring of 2005, the Foundation will always embrace her caring and compassionate spirit.”


Adolfo “Pepe” Piperno, Founder

Domenica, the woman after whom this foundation is named, died in March of 2005. From our establishment in 1991 until 2005, we carried out our work with her generosity, compassion, and selflessness in mind. Since her passing, we continue to keep these ideals at the forefront of our work in Camden, a city she loved so much. Below is a letter written by our friend Msgr. Michael Doyle of Sacred Heart Church. This her story; but it also ours, for it is her wisdom that keeps us going.