The C.R.I.B.

Domenica Foundation began collaborating with Hopeworks N Camden in 2008 on its latest project: the creation of The C.R.I.B. This project, lead by Hopeworks executive direction, Fr. Jeff Puttoff, is a housing development venture that converted the Holy Name convent into youth housing. The C.R.I.B, located next to the Hopeworks offices on 5th and State, is now set to open in 2010!

The vision of The C.R.I.B. is centered on nurturing the Hopeworks staff to succeed post-high school. With the construction of the converting convent, the new space has bed rooms in which up to eight Hopeworks youth staff with live. In order to live in the CRIB, the youth will have to working at Hopeworks as well as pursuing a career in a higher learning education at college or university. The C.R.I.B. is focused on building community amongst it’s tenants: youth will buy food together, cook together, pay rent, and respect personal and communal living space. The C.R.I.B. has community living and study spaces for those living there. Two Hopeworks staff will move their offices into the new building, including Fr. Jeff and his assistant. Furthermore, there is C.R.I.B. manager who will be required to stay at the house a few nights a week.

The C.R.I.B. is a beacon of a new opportunity for the youth in the neighborhood. Where drug dealers and destructive opportunities present themselves on the corners of State Street, the C.R.I.B is a new option. It is the hope of Fr. Jeff that those living in the C.R.I.B. – successful and positive Camden college students – will be examples to their peers that they can have a brighter future.