The Sports Program

Many inner-city schoolchildren grow up without ever belonging to a little league team or a school’s basketball team. Budget money for teams is usually not available, and  a recreation center or gym space for practice and games quickly becomes an issue. However, having extra-curricular sports activities can often boost a child’s self-esteem while also bringing together a school community. This is our hope for the Heal Camden schools.


The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation

This coming school year, 2010-2011, all five Heal Camden schools will be joining in partnership with the Youth Hockey Foundation. The Youth Hockey Foundation, YHF, was formed by Ed Snider and is run by Joe Britt. YHF’s mission is to use the sport of hockey to help educate young people on how to succeed in the ‘game of life’. The program is at no cost to all students who participate. The organization has many long-time partnerships with schools and youth in Philadelphia. This fall, they will begin with Camden!

Starting in the fall, each school will have a boys and girls team coached by volunteer men and women from the YHF. YHF will work the Catholic School Partnership and the faculty of the schools to find a place for the children to play street hockey. The program will also take the children on excursions to play on the ice, and hopefully a Flyers game or two!

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