PERKINS RESIDENCY 2010: Holy Name in their Own Words

According to the students…

“It’s fun how he turns something boring into something fun with music. I really like this program!” 7th grade boy

“The Perkins class is awesome! When Mr. Josh comes to play music for us, everyone gets excited. He makes music so much fun for us and makes beats sound important and cool!” 8th Grade Girl

“Oh my gosh, this program is so awesome! I love everything about it – I like that we make music, we write our own poems, and I like that everyone got to express themselves more!” 8th Grade Girl

“Wow, I feel so lucky for you coming to Holy Name School! You get the pieces and put it together, then it becomes something amazing!” 7th grade Girl

“Thank you for taking the time to work with us. I hope you loved this class as much as we did!”

“The Perkins class was so awesome! I loved it! It was really fun. I never expected for all this to happen. I’m very thankful that my parents brought me here!”


According to the faculty…

Ms. Mercier, 7th grade Holy Name teacher:

“Today was an incredible day! The students were able to see their songs come to   life with the talents of your wonderful keyboardist, Mr. Jeremy. I really enjoyed    watching the creative process!

Ms. Williams, 8th grade Holy Name teacher

“I am always smiling after a visit from Mr. Josh (residency artist). He brings out the best in my students! Amazing how well the students worked together creating their rhythms and choices in instruments”

“What can I say? The experience has been so inspiring, energetic, positive, challenging, daring, sharing…. The students experienced many feelings and so have I. I am so proud to have been a part of this!”

Mrs. Pat Quinter, Holy Name principle:

“The Perkins grant is a real asset to our school program. Mr. Josh comes to us with many ideas, a real motivation and enthusiasm that involves all the students in a very fun and positive way. He uses different curriculum materials and can show the students how all can participate in their own way”

“Today was our Perkins show.. wow! It was a joy to see all the children be able to write, recite and participate in some way. So many of our children have special learning needs, but Josh was able to connect and direct them so they all were able to shine. I also heard other grades tell them it was good show – that means an awful lot to me! We a re blessed to have the opportunity to have such a wonderful program and I hope and pray that we are considered again. Thank you one and all for your time, effort, talents and expertise! Let’s hope you give many young people the experience to really dream for the future!”