Waterfront South Theatre

Working with the Heart of Camden, the Domenica Foundation began the construction of a new 96- seat theater in 2007. The Waterfront South Theater, located on 4th and Jasper, will be home to South Camden Theater Company. The company is a growing collection of professionals striving to produce thought-provoking and exciting new dramas on stage. Currently, the company performs its productions in the basement of Sacred Heart church. The Company, led by artist Joseph Paprzycki, will open the theater in September 2010 with its production of “Last Rites”.

With its motto, “Art will save us!” the South Camden Theater Company hopes to encourage a bright future for the neighborhood and surrounding areas. According to Helene Pierson, executive director of the Heart of Camden, “The creation of this theater will not only be an asset to the community, but will also serve as a safe and fun place for children and young adults to devote their time.” The youth of Camden will not only be able use the space for productions, but the space will also show Saturday movies. Through education in the art, people in the community may find a new avenue to express their beliefs, ideals, and individuality. The theater is a beacon of hope and a new vision for the future of Camden. Where once an old bar had stood, the corner of Jasper Street will be reborn into a new environment for the arts!

The Waterfront South Theater will not only be home to the Company, but will also have rehearsal space available on the third floor. This space will be available for rent by theater companies throughout the area. Although the theater’s “first actor” was Martin Sheen, who visited in the summer of 2008, hundreds of local actors are sure to get their time on stage in South Camden! “The Great Work”, a phrase used by Helene Pierson to describe this project, is finally finishing. This work is a testament to the positive future possible in Camden.

Let the show go on!

For more information, please visit www.heartofcamden.org and for play and production schedules, please visit www.southcamdentheatre.org

A Sign of Hope For the Children

For many, the theater is a dream realized – especially the children. As the theater opensit’s doors to the South Camden community, it also represents a positive future for the children in the neighborhood. At the groundbreaking ceremony that took place in April of 2008, three Sacred Heart students painted shovels for the event. The students were asked to paint what the new theater symbolized for them and their neighborhood. Along with their paintings, the students provided descriptions of what their art represented. Click here to view photos of the Theatre ground-breaking ceremony.

“The picture is about how the theater is a gift from Heaven. It will brighten up our days. It’s a big thing for our future – for the school and the neighborhood. For me it’s like a miracle. I never expected to have a theater around where I live. It’s a big gift for the children of the neighborhood. It’s so wonderful to think I could be on a real stage with a big audience.”
“Having a theatre on Jasper Street is good for our neighborhood because it will help the neighborhood improve. Having a stage makes it easier to act because the children who want to be actors and actresses can get the feeling of being onstage before they perform in front of larger audiences. For me the theatre is a blessing because I want to be an actress when I grow up and this will give me a jump-start to my career.”