Hekima Place

Hekima Place is a boarding school in Kenya, founded in 2005, for girls orphaned by the epidemic HIV/AIDS virus. This virus that is sweeping the continent has left many children without a home, family, or hope for the future. Hekima Place has become a constant and secure environment that these girls desperately needed. Hekima gives a home to girls from elementary to secondary education. Founded by Kate Fletcher, a cousin of our family, Hekima Place has grown since its establishment and continues to be educate, nurture, and raise over 60 young women.

Hekima, a word meaning “wisdom” in Swahili, provides a loving and nurturing home to many young girls of Kenya. Without this safe haven, their lives would be spent on the streets of a Kenyan slum.

Domenica Projects with Hekima

Summer 2007: Hekima Van purchased

In our first donation to Hekima Place, we helped Kate and the girls purchase a much-needed van. The new van helps the girls’ caretakers transport them back and forth to school, activities, and other travel plans.

Summer 2008: “Bore Hole Project”

We began funding this Hekima project during the year 2008 in an effort to bring fresh water to grounds of Hekima Place. The creation of the borehole on site ensured clean and safe drinking water for all who lived in the community of Hekima. The new project also cut the costs for Hekima, whose one-month water bill was close to $400.

2009 & 2010:

Since its establishment in 2005, Hekima had been renting land and cottages from a man in Kenya. However, in June 2008, Kate began the process of purchasing Hekima its own land – ten acres overlooking the Southern Rift Valley! The purchase of this land secures the future for the Hekima girls; as long as they want to live and learn there, they will have a home do so!

Domenica Foundation teamed up with Hekima to build one of the six new cottages, which will open in the summer of 2010. This cottage, Domenica House, has four bedrooms, eight bunk beds, a kitchen, and a living room for the girls to study and play. Twelve Hekima girls and a supervising “mum” will live in the cottage. The Hekima community has begun the process of moving into their new home, and a September 11th, 2010 dedication is set!