Doing Great Work

The Domenica Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping improve the quality of life and empower individuals to grow and succeed against inequality. We are committed to restoring communities through sustainable and collaborative development. The Foundation, established in 1991, seeks to reflect the generosity and compassion of Domenica, whom is the mother of founder Adolfo "Pepe" Piperno.

Our foundation works with local and global organizations on various projects and programs that reflect our mission and vision. We support these charities and foundations through annual gift giving and grants. In addition to supporting these organizations, the Domenica Foundation launched and now facilitates its own projects. These programs, such as Project: Heal Camden and the Community Scholarship Program, support the children of Camden, New Jersey and their education.

The Domenica Foundation is proud to support a multifaceted range of organizations and projects that each, in their own way, cultivates our values in the community. We are committed to bringing a new idea in the fight against injustice. Together, we can be a symbol of hope... like a rose through the cracks.

Heal Camden Bracelets
Heal Camden Bracelets are now available in youth and adult sizes. Contact us for ordering bracelets.

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Volume 3 of our newsletter is now available for download in the Publications section, view here!

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02.04 – 02.20.11 Waiting for Lefty playing at the Waterfront South Theatre. Purchase tickets.

Hekima Place

09.11.10: Hekima Place dedication and new land opening in Karen, Kenya! View property.